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About Us Jayant India

Jayant India Nidhi Ltd. is one of the leading Nidhi companies in India. It is Promoted by Shri. Pankaj Kumar. Jayant India Nidhi Limited, a Public Limited Company registered under the provisions of section 620A of the Companies Act 1956 and notified as Nidhi Company by Government of India. The Company was incorporated on 3rd April 2017 with Registrar of Companies Gurugram, Haryana.

Jayant India Nidhi Ltd has the rules and objectives of that are the same as a bank, but is only in effect to someone (a members group) who has agreed or joined this agreement as a bank, but also to do business for the It’s members only. So if the term is a Quassi-Bank, I think that the Rules & objectives of that are the same like the commercial bank. But this thing are only in effect to someone (a members group) who ahs agree/join on this agreement as if a bank, but not the one honored to do business for Public performing through Banking system which comes under the Nidhi, NBFC and RBI. Farm India is introducing a lot of innovative ideas day by day to make our nation financially strong and that is the reason we are one of the fastest growing Nidhi Company cum Bank in the

Nidhi companies are NBFCs but they have been exempted from the requirement of registration under section 45-IA of the RBI Act, 1934 subject to certain condition, Nidhi companies are regulated by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India companies that do financial business but regulated by other regulators are given specific exemption by the Reserve Bank from its regulatory requirements for avoiding duality of regulation.

It may also be Mentioned that Mortgage Guarantee companies have been Loan notified as Non-Banking financial companies under section 45 1(f) (iii) of the RBI Act, 1934, core investment companies with asset size of less than Rs.100 crore and those with asset size of Rs.100 crore and above but not accessing Public funds are exempted from regulatory with the RBI.


Industry. The way we provide service to our members is for better than others and we are trying to make it much better as our aim is to provide extreme level service to people as well as to our nation. In a word we can say that Jayant India is the “New way of your Savings” Jayant India family.

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