Why Invest

In today’s surroundings wherever investments rarely generate expected returns and most of our savings placed with establishments like banks get into paying service charges to them, Jayant India offers a novel chance to lend cash on to pre-verified borrowers and earn additional financial gain on idle cash.
The Jayant India model provides higher rates of interest than the normal model as a result of it removes the intermediaries and connects the Investor on to the top users – the borrowers. historically, banks and alternative monetary establishments collect cash (through savings accounts or deposits like mounted or recurring) at low-interest rates (say 6-10%) and lend it to borrowers at abundant higher rates (18-36%). This margin goes into paying for the high prices they incur like thousands of workers to pay salaries to and many stylish branches to keep up then on. Jayant India brings borrowers and Investor directly to bear with one another, removes treater price and permits borrowers to access quicker and cheaper credit and change Investor to create bigger returns on funds lying idle in bank deposits.It is an easy win-win state of affairs, therefore, plow ahead register and begin disposition as a result of all ages counts!If you’ve got any queries, CONTACT US and that we would be happy to talk to you.

Investor Eligibility Criteria

Jayant India could be a mature, new-age money instrument for discerning investors. it’s for people who will transcend standard knowledge and ancient routes of investment to create freelance and well-judged risk assessments. It permits Investor to possess larger management over their cash associated provides an investment route wherever they are doing not need to share their interest incomes with intermediaries.

We, at Jayant India, obtain to facilitate convenient disposition opportunities for everybody. The platform provides the only and quickest methodology of registering as an investor, to anyone WHO is willing to lend. Our criterions area unit is the most elementary and straightforward.

An investor has to:

  • 1) Indian Citizen
  • 2) At least eighteen years of age
  • 3) Have a valid bank account in India.
  • 4) Have a PAN card.
  • 5) Agree to abide by Jayant India Policies.
  • 6) Adhere to investor Code of conduct

Institutional Investor

Only tally listed finance corporations or corporations fashioned underneath the Indian corporations Act area unit eligible to use
We at Jayant India area unit committed to consumer confidentiality and also the security of all data provided to the United States of America. we tend to use this hint strictly for official functions. we tend to encourage all to please browse Jayant India Policy and Terms and Conditions fastidiously.

Simply click on the sign in icon to your right, and register through the easy step by step method as tutored. plow ahead and take the primary step to create all-ages counts!

Jayant India powerfully recommends that Investor ought to invest from their surplus financial gain and not borrow to try to constant.

Know Your Borrower

Borrowers on Jayant India are people that are creditworthy however don’t wish to pay high interest to banks; people that are sensitive enough to require a charge of their borrowing, even as Investors are people that wish to require management of however they require to speculate their idle funds.

Jayant India provides a bouquet of borrowers with variable credit profiles WHO would be able to provide totally different rates of interest relying upon their want and credit well. At Jayant India, you’ll be able to build a portfolio for yourself simply the means banks do. we tend to don’t permit an investor to fund over two-hundredths of a borrower’s loan demand. this is often to encourage Investor to hedge their risk by diversifying their loaning portfolio and not place all their eggs in one basket.

Jayant India features a strict listing criterion for evaluating every and each recipient before they’re allowed to be listed on the platform. Jayant India physically checks their workplace and residential addresses, it verifies their financial gain statements, payment capabilities, past performance so as to grasp their ability, stability, and intent. Jayant India evaluates every recipient on over a hundred and twenty criteria across four hundred information points which incorporates monetary, skilled, Social and academic background, loan records, etc. to cherry choose solely the foremost eligible borrowers for Investor reading. All such data concerning every recipient is shared on the recipient listing page so associate degree knowledgeable call are often taken by Investor.

Simply register currently and begin exploring your opportunities currently as a result of all ages counts!

The Process


The registration method is fast and straightforward. An investor merely clicks on the sign on the current icon, enters some basic data and uploads the documents needed. The verification method is usually completed among twenty-four hours and therefore the investor is notified so he/she will log in and begin disposal instantly.

Similarly, Borrowers registered on the positioning square measure identity/credit/risk assessed. Basis their intention, ability, and stability to repay loan our machine-controlled system provides a sign regarding the Borrower’s capability to expeditiously repay the loan. the speed of interest ranges from 12-tone system to twenty-eight and therefore the loan tenure from half a dozen months to thirty-six months.

Unrated Borrowers

With the aim to administer a lot of option to Investor, Jayant India launched the Unrated Borrowers class to cater to borrowers with restricted credit history. thanks to restricted information, it’s tough to assess their risk profile and thence, this phase of Unrated Borrowers is listed at higher interest rates. However, Unrated Borrowers bear a really high-risk Associate in Nursing loans to those have a magnified potential to default. Jayant India provides solely machine-controlled collections support for Unrated Borrowers class. Jayant India is barely Associate in Nursing mediator providing an internet platform to attach borrowers and Investor and intrinsically isn’t liable in any manner for any default of the borrowers. Hence, we tend to urge you to rigorously contemplate the danger concerned before giving loans to those Unrated Borrowers.


To ensure the secure, quick and swish transfer of funds with each dealings on the platform, Jayant India has opened an Investor written agreement account beneath the trust territory of IDBI Bank.

The investor

has to be compelled to transfer the number they need to take a position through Jayant India into their written agreement account. Once the loan deal with the recipient is complete, Jayant India can transfer the number from the Investor written agreement account on to the borrower’s checking account.

The salient options of this account are:

Jayant India has no right to intervene or choice to withdraw monies for its own use from this account. Investor offer instruction through Jayant India to ITSL (IDBI trust territory Services Ltd.) World Health Organization successively can forward these directions to ICICI for execution. Jayant India cannot do any transactions, solely read the transactions done through this account. The trustee can severally audit the operations of this account on an everyday basis. An investor will withdraw cash from the written agreement account anytime by merely writing to North American nation and therefore the cash is transferred to his checking account among twenty-four banking hours.

The investor written agreement account will be funded or recharged victimization the subsequent methods:

NEFT/RTGS: investors will log into their checking account and wire transfer variety} over NEFT by victimization the IFSC code and Investor written agreement account number provided by Jayant India. Currently, IMPS isn’t supported.Net banking/Debit Card: Investor will log in to their Jayant India account through the web site or app, click on the “Add Money” icon on the highest left corner of their dashboard, enter the number and opt for internet banking choice of their various bank.UPI: choose UPI because the payment methodology, enter the number to feature to the written agreement account and click on Pay currently. The dealings details are displayed on the successive screen. Upon clicking ‘Submit’, a QR Code is generated, that the investor will then scan employing a mobile app that supports UPI payments. when the payment/deposit is formed with success, the screen can refresh with a notification regarding the fund transfer. to make sure swish dealings it’s necessary that UPI payments ought to solely be done through the Jayant India App or web site and not through the other entry like Google Pay or Bhim etc.PayTM Wallet: At a nominal fee, PayTM will be accustomed recharge the written agreement account through web banking, UPI, charge account credit or PayTM walletCheque: the investor will deposit the specified quantity in Jayant India checking account and share details of identical with their portfolio manager. Once the cheque clears the number can replicate within the investor written agreement account.

The following third-party entry fee is applicable as per the tactic used:

Net Banking/Debit Card: federal agency fifteen + GST per dealings. For SBI bank customers, the fee of one.4% of the dealings quantity + GST is applicable.UPI: federal agency nine + GST for dealings but federal agency 1990INR twelve + GST for transactions for amounts larger than or up to federal agency 1990Wallet: the subsequent charges per transaction are applicable betting on the mode used: Debit Cards: federal agency twenty for price on top of federal agency 2000Net Banking: federal agency ten per transactionPayTM Wallet: I.4% of dealings amount: federal agency ten for price on top of federal agency 2000

Once an investor has pre-funded the Investor written agreement account with the number he needs to lend, he will begin disposal by causing proposals to borrowers. Loan listings square measure visible on the Investor dashboard at the side of relevant money, credit and private details of every recipient. The investor will use this data to create an Associate in Nursing conversant alternative and send a proposal to fund the recipient. Offers square measure accepted on initial return initial served basis. An investor will fund up to twenty of a borrower’s total loan demand.

Automated Investment

In a democratic disposal market, credit-worthy borrowers square measure abundant in demand. Such borrowers want quicker funding and disbursement. to assist faucet into these borrowers, Jayant India offers a brand new tool. Auto-Invest tool is very designed to assist Investor to jump the queue and be the primary to take a position in borrowers of their alternative. Auto-invest could be a fully-automated tool that matches the Investor’s investment criteria with recipient needs and provides a sign regarding the Borrower’s capability to expeditiously repay the loan. this can be done basis bound criteria designated, approved and activated by the Investor on their various accounts.

Going forward, all recipient needs – personal, business, collateralized – are initially consummated through machine-controlled investment and solely any balance needs, are listed for a manual investment choice.

Loan Disbursal

Loan disbursal begins solely when the official loan agreement has been signed and therefore the recipient has provided the specified range of Post-Dated Cheques towards security and compensation of the primary EMI.

The Agreement

Jayant India facilitates the language of internet, legally-binding agreement between the recipient and therefore the Investor. The agreement is out there online on the recipient and Investor Jayant India account. They log in to their various accounts, browse and perceive the terms and conditions mentioned, “digitally sign” by clicking on the acceptance box beneath the agreement and therefore the method is complete. The agreement is then sent to each the borrowers and Investor through email for his or her records. the method, although lawfully binding rather like a physical agreement, {is quicker|is quicker} and a lot of economical guaranteeing faster flow of loan quantity from an investor to the recipient.

Disbursal and Repayments

The loan is disbursed from the Investor written agreement Account to the borrower’s checking account. when the loan is disbursed, the investor can receive EMIs on or before the fifteenth of each month. If a recipient fails to pay Associate in Nursing EMI among a stipulated time, a penalty is levied on the recipient that is collectible to the investor.

The first EMI is collectible by cheque. Thereafter, repayments– EMI and pre-closure – square measure created through an internet, machine-controlled procedure. monthly the whole EMI quantity is collected directly (through auto-debit) from the borrower’s account to the written agreement account, from wherever it gets mirrored in various Investor virtual account.

Credit Assessment Methodology

Credit assessment of a recipient is finished to know the danger of default. For this purpose, financial, social and private background check is undertaken basis bound documents submitted by Borrowers, like financial gain and bank statements.

Various factors thought-about by our fully-automated credit analysis mechanism are:

Stability: Stability is known basis the character of borrower’s residence i.e. rented/self-owned, length of occupying identical address, length of employment within the same organization, etc.

Ability: Ability is evaluated by finding out the borrower’s financial gain & expenditure behavior. for instance, a healthy proportion of financial gain saved reflects the higher ability of the recipient to repay his/her money liabilities.

Intention: Intention is known by analyzing the past compensation behavior of the recipient towards his money liabilities. Delayed repayments in past money transactions scale back the probabilities of empowerment. For this purpose, bureau reports square measure procured (with previous consent from the borrower) and evaluated.

Banking Habit: A statement helps to evaluate the banking habits of a recipient. many parameters like average monthly balance, cheque bounce, and unaccounted transactions, if any, a square measure is taken into thought for assessment of a borrower’s credit value.

Verification at completely different levels: apart from telecom verification to induce first-hand data from the borrowers, Jayant India additionally undertakes physical verification at each the residence address. All documents submitted by the recipient also are verified for forgery victimization progressive technology.

Jayant India Rule engine, Associate in Nursing in-house algorithmic program, assigns completely different weightings to all or any the on top of factors to work out a score that helps verify the rate of interest, loan tenure and quantity at that the Borrower’s loan request will be listed on the platform to secure funding from the Investor .

Collection Activity

M2M disposal could be a market-linked plus category, hospitable the danger of default. we tend to urge all Investor to travel through default rates, transparently mentioned on the statistics page of the web site and perceive the risks concerned before finance.

At Jayant India, we tend to attempt to keep default-rate to a minimum by taking various steps to mitigate risk. each recipient registered with North American nation is identity-checked, credit-checked and risk-assessed by our toughened team to make sure that solely highly-curated square measure listed on the platform. The loan is disbursed solely when the recipient signs the legally-bound loan agreement. automotive vehicle reminders (SMS and Call) square measure sent to all or any borrowers 3-5 days before the EMI maturity.

However, although we tend to do our greatest to manage the danger at each step, defaults will happen.

In case of default, Jayant India incorporates a 4-step soft recovery method to gather unfinished payments on behalf of Investor .-

In-house assortment team establishes communication with defaulting recipient and follows-up for unfinished payments (Call/SMS)Legally-compliant assortment agencies follow-legal-notice is distributed on behalf of the Investor Legally-compliant recovery agencies attempt to recover unfinished quantity on behalf of Investor
All assortment and recovery connected activity undertaken on defaults, if any, is updated on the Investor dashboard on time period basis with the last action taken. Hence, the investor isn’t enthusiastic about the human interface to remain updated on all phases of recovery and might do this by merely working into his account.

Please note that Jayant India provides solely machine-controlled collections support for Unrated Borrowers. Expenses incurred for causing legal notices and by recovery agency square measure borne by the investor.

Collection and Recovery method is on a best-effort basis which can not end in recovery and thence the danger of loss of each principle and interest exists. Jayant India is barely Associate in Nursing mediator providing an internet platform to attach borrowers and Investor and intrinsically isn’t liable in any manner for any default of the borrowers. we tend to urge you to browse all terms and conditions totally and perceive all the risks concerned before finance.

So, act sign on and take the primary step to create all-ages counts!


Unlike, within the case of typical monetary establishments, it’s not Jayant India, however, the loaner WHO decides what proportion come back they require to earn. rate of interest agreements ar entirely between Investor and borrowers across the platform within which Jayant India has no intervention. we tend to advocate that investment ought to unfold, specified returns ar a weighted average of the individual loan elements. this can be explained through associate degree illustration below.

For example, on a loan of Rs. 150,000 unfold across three borrowers, for an amount of one year at numerous interest rates; the returns will be as follows:

Borrower Amount Lent Rate Interest Earning
Mr. X Rs.50,000 12% p.a. Rs.3,309
Mr.Y Rs.50,000 16% p.a. Rs.4,439
Mr.Z Rs.50,000 20% p.a. Rs.5,581
TOTAL 150,000 16% p.a. Rs.13,329

So, within the example on top of the investor is earning on a median Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire interest on total investment. Also, Interest earnings are often additional or less reckoning on loan quantity split across interest rates. For egs the investor might attempt to lend solely Rs. 20,000/- @ twelve-tone music and increase the quantity to Rs. 60,000/- @ Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire and to Rs. 70,000/- @ two hundredth. this may increase the lender’s average come. At Jayant India, what quantity to lend at what rate is controlled by the investor reckoning on his/her judgment and negotiating skills.

Sounds interesting? sign on currently and begin creating all ages counts!

Non-Payment Of EMI

Though we tend to do our greatest to manage the danger at each step, defaults might happen. In such a situation, Jayant India can facilitate assortment|the gathering} through our in-house collection mechanism and additionally send a legal notice on behalf of the investor to the receiver. Expenses incurred for causation legal notices, by recovery agency and towards different legal proceedings ar bore by the investor.

Registration Fees

A non-refundable, one-time registration fee of Rs. 1000/- is collectible by the investor to Jayant India at the time of sign in.

Transaction Fees

A non-refundable 1 Chronicle group action fee from retail investors and a couple of from institutional investors is charged on the loan quantity disbursed. this can be subtracted from the primary EMI.

Other Fees

Investor(s) area unit obligated to keep up details of their loan together with a statement of accounts. In case, they have Jayant India’s help during this regard than a non-refundable fee of Rs. 500/- per the statement of accounts are charged. solely facilitates a virtual assembly between Borrowers and Investor on its on-line platform. the choice to lend cash to a recipient is entirely at the discretion of the Investor and Jayant India doesn’t guarantee that a recipient can receive any loans from the Investor. Jayant India just aids and assists Investor and Borrowers listed on its web site to create and receive loans and charges a service charge from Investor and Borrowers for such help. Jayant India is merely associate ‘Intermediary’ underneath the provisions of the Data Technology Act, 1999.

Code Of Conduct For Investor

1.) You will scan the Jayant India Policy and Terms and Conditions totally and are aware of it fully before registering.

2.) You will not borrow cash to lend, either from this platform or otherwise. You will honor your commitments and not rescind your loan offers once listing it on our web site.

3.) You will not frustrate borrowers throughout the course of or once the completion of the deal. this might embody not human activity directly for loan recovery, not plaguey regarding further details in commit to in-person verify borrower’s credentials, etc.

4.) You will alter recoveries through approved legal advisors just in case of default. Jayant India encompasses a truthful mechanism adhering to legal procedures as per the law of the land. However, Jayant India is simply the helper ANd not a negotiant or holder of the funds, and this isn’t liable for the amounts transacted within the course of a deal.

5.) You are liable for all and any call that you simply have taken to lend through Jayant India and Jayant India doesn’t take any responsibility for that.

6.) You will adhere to all or any laws regarding taxation and pay your taxes on the financial gain thus generated.

Investor FAq

Q: UN agency will lend on Jayant India?

A: Any Indian resident, with associate age of eighteen years or higher than with a legitimate checking account and PAN card, will lend on Jayant India. run listed finance corporations or corporations fashioned below the Indian corporations Act also are eligible to use as Investor.

Q: however am I serving to others attain money success? however, can this profit me?

A: Jayant India provides a novel chance facilitate|to assist} borrowers get loans at a more robust rate of interest and within the method help Investors earn the next charge per unit than what they might if they unbroken their cash idle. the method is mutualist and maybe a win-win state of affairs for each party. However, please browse the Terms and Condition to grasp the chance concerned.

Q: however do I become associate capitalize on Jayant India?

A: the method is easy. Please click on the check-in, fill in some basic details regarding yourself, pay the registration fees through any of your convenient on-line payment ways like MasterCard, internet banking, etc. Our support team can verify your details and acquire in contact with you at intervals 12-24 hrs. Once your registration is verified and approved, you’ll be able to go surfing to your Jayant India account and begin disposition.

Q: what proportion cash am I able to lend? And for what period?

A: you’ll be able to begin by finance from Rs. 500/- per loan. Borrowers area unit registered on the web site for a loan amount starting from six – thirty-six months. you’ll be able to select the recipient in step with the loan amount that suits you.

Q: Why ought to I pay a fee to take a position my very own money?

A: The up-front registration fee is employed to the method and verifies the documents received from you. it’s conjointly adjusted towards the legal agreement and documentation that is completed with the borrowers before loan disbursal. Jayant India believes in transparency and doesn’t have any hidden prices, nor can we keep any margins from the charge per unit set reciprocally between the recipient and investor.

Q: Why will Jayant India have to be compelled to verify my details?

A: Jayant India conducts a verification method of the information and documents provided by Investors. additionally, we tend to appraise every request to make sure that involved investor will afford to offer out loans at intervals the boundaries of statutory laws of the Republic of India. we tend to conjointly check that that Investors don’t use our platform to fund any prohibited actions or functions.

Q: am I able to select the date to urge my repayments?

A: No, reimbursement dates area unit mounted in between first to fifteenth of each month.

Q: What quite returns am i able to expect?

A: Returns rely on the credentials of borrowers and also the current demand for Investors within the Jayant India marketplace. we’ve got an automatic system, that assigns a rate of interest to every recipient. It ranges between twelve-tone music to twenty-eight. Returns rely on however an investor spreads his investment.

Q: however am I able to manage the returns from my investment?

A: you’ll be able to manage your returns by spreading your investment across borrowers at totally different loan amounts and rate of interest. For more, visit this illustration.

Q: what’s the utmost quantity I will invest in one borrower?

A: a personal investor will invest up to twenty, HNIs (High internet price Individual’s) up to five hundredth and institutional Investors up to 100% of the whole loan quantity requested by a personal recipient. This policy is to hedge the chance of the Investors by spreading their investments across borrowers.

Q: however safe is my money?

A: All borrowers listed on the Jayant India marketplace area unit curated through varied information points. In fact, Jayant India incorporates a strict recipient choice criterion. Although this can be an unsecured disposition, Investors will get legal facilitate and Jayant India conjointly incorporates a soft recovery and collections method to make sure the security of the monies endowed through the platform. However, you want to perceive that this doesn’t guarantee warranted returns or zero defaults. Your cash isn’t insured and isn’t safe. Please browse and perceive Terms and Conditions before finance. Contact the United States of America for any clarifications.

Q: however area unit repayments calculated?

A: Repayments area unit equated monthly installments (EMIs) calculated mistreatment the reducing balance technique. Your installment per month can stay an equivalent throughout the tenure of your loan. the primary installment is also totally different looking on the date of disbursal.

Q: Do I even have to place cash direct into my Jayant India account?

Yes. to make sure secure, quick and swish transfer of funds with each group action on the platform, Jayant India has opened a Investors written agreement account with ICICI Bank below the territorial dominion of IDBI Bank. You need to transfer the number you would like to take a position through Jayant India into their written agreement account.

Q: however am I able to fund or recharge my written agreement account?

A: you’ll be able to fund or recharge the investor written agreement account mistreatment the payment methods:

NEFT/RTGSNetbanking/Debit cardUPIPayTMCheque
To know additional click here

Q: I used a UPI payment technique to recharge my investor written agreement account. Why is that the group action not reflecting?

A: Any delay within the recharge reflective within the lender’s written agreement account once mistreatment the UPI payment technique can be because of any of the subsequent reasons:

Scan the UPI QR code properly mistreatment associate app on mobile that supports UPI. If you are doing not do a contemporary QR code scan, then group action could get delayed and can not replicate directly within the written agreement bankbook. Recharge solely through the Jayant India App or web site. If you are doing not undergo the Jayant India App or web site whereas creating a UPI transfer, your virtual written agreement account details aren’t best-known to the system. during this case, the group action isn’t mirrored directly within the written agreement and wishes to be reconciled manually. Hence, once mistreatment UPI, don’t recharge directly through the other payment entranceway like Google Pay or Bhim, etc.
Q: I like better to recharge my investor written agreement account directly from my checking account. What precautions ought to I take?

A: Please keep subsequent in mind to make sure swish transactions once recharging from your bank account:

Currently, the system doesn’t support IMPS and thence you’ll be able to use solely RTGS/NEFT facility make positive you’ve got entered the right account range, IFSC code, and quantity as provided by Jayant India team. Do cross-check to create positive. When transferring funds from any bank aside from ICICI bank, please make sure that you decide on the choice “Transfer to an equivalent bank” When transferring funds from any bank aside from ICICI bank, please make sure that you decide on the choice “Transfer to different bank”
Q: that payment mode ought to I exploit once recharging my written agreement account through PayTM?

A: whereas recharging through the PayTM choice, billfold is chosen as a default mode. an equivalent is modified to positive identification, internet banking or UPI, as convenient. internet banking has very cheap fees applicable and thence can be most popular over different modes.

Q: Do I would like to tell Jayant India when recharging my Lender’s written agreement account?

A: whereas it’s not necessary to tell (except just in case of cheque deposits), so as to make sure swish recharge please do share a screenshot, particularly for NEFT transactions, together with your portfolio manager. If the screenshot isn’t out there then send an associate email with details like mode of payment, investor Investment ID, group action ID.

Q: however am I able to recharge my written agreement account through cheque deposits and inform Jayant India?

A: Cheques for the required quantity is deposited directly into Jayant India’s checking account. checking account name and range is provided by your purpose of contact or portfolio manager. it’s necessary to share cheque details and deposit date and quantity together with your portfolio manager in order that your written agreement account is updated once the cheque clears.

Q: once will the money quit of my virtual account connected to the Investors written agreement account?

A: Once a loan group action is closed with the recipient, he has signed the loan agreement and provided the PDCs the investor is formally wise to by Jayant India and also the loan quantity is transferred from the Investors virtual account to the borrower’s checking account directly.

Q: What area unit the risks? however, is that the risk managed?

As with any disposition, there area unit some risks, the most important being that a recipient doesn’t repay. At Jayant India, we tend to attempt to keep this risk to a minimum by making certain that each recipient registered with the United States of America is identity-checked, credit-checked and risk-assessed by our experienced team. The loan is disbursed solely when the recipient signs the legally-bound loan agreement. just in case of default we tend to use legally-compliant collections agencies to follow-up and collect incomprehensible payments on your behalf. tho’ we tend to do our greatest to manage the chance at each step, defaults could happen. we tend to encourage you to unfold your investment across a variety of borrowers to scale back risk.

Q: What happens just in case of delayed or non-payment by Borrowers?

A: just in case the EMI isn’t paid on the maturity date by Borrower(s), further penal interest applicable as per Jayant India Policy is going to be applied to the due quantity for the period of delay that Borrowers are going to be vulnerable to pay. Also, as associate NBFC-M2M, Jayant reports any defaults by Borrowers to the agency.

In the worst-case situation, Jayant India can facilitate assortment|the gathering} through our in-house collection mechanism and conjointly send a legal notice on behalf of the investor to the recipient.

Expenses incurred for causing legal notices, by recovery agency and towards different legal proceedings area unit borne by the investor.

Q: can I do know my Borrowers?

A: Once a recipient listing has been approved by Jayant India, their entire profile is viewed by all registered Investors together with their money data and KYC details. However, we tend to don’t reveal the Borrower’s address and phone no. For additional data, please read Jayant India Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Q: Is my interest financial gain through Jayant India taxable?

A: All repayments you receive from Borrowers on Jayant India are going to be with none write-off. we’ll give an associate annual operating statement to you to transfer from your dashboard. Earnings are going to be dutiable as per the revenue enhancement rules that apply to you. Paying the applicable tax on financial gain earned is your responsibility and Jayant India isn’t to blame for any neglect an equivalent.

Q: however long will it go for realize Borrowers?

A: you’ll be able to realize active borrowers on the Jayant India platform in any respect times. Creditworthy borrowers at low-interest rates get funded directly and borrowers listed at high-interest rates typically take some days. It’s associate open market place and finding a recipient matching your loan quantity and the desired rate of interest relies on your ability to manage your risk.

Jayant India conjointly offers Auto-invest a fully-automated tool that matches Investor’s investment criteria with recipient needs, provides a sign regarding the Borrower’s capability to with efficiency repay the loan. this can be done basis bound criteria chosen, approved and activated by the Investors on their individual accounts.

Going forward, all recipient needs – personal, business, collateralized – are going to be initially consummated through machine-controlled investment and solely any balance demand is going to be listed for a manual investment choice.

Q: will a non-individual lend through Jayant India? am I able to invest in my company?

A: there’s a choice for institutional Investors and NBFCs to fund through the web site provided they meet the set criterion and settle for the T&Cs. Please do CONTACT United States of America to debate this additional.

Q: however is that the Investors written agreement account helpful to me?

A: written agreement account ensures the secure, quick and swish transfer of funds with each group action on the platform. quicker transactions cause quicker disbursal and quicker investment. Automated, online transactions with least human interface suggest that seamless accounting procedures.

Q: Is Jayant India .com regulated by RBI?

A: Jayant is Republic of India’s initial M2Mdisposition platform to receive the Certificate of Registration (CoR) as associate NBFC from the depository financial institution of India (RBI).