Jayant India Shares And Investment Policy

Jayant India Nidhi Limited a Non-Banking Finance Institutions (NBFI) that deals in Micro Finance, Gold Loan, and Mortgage Loan. Jayant is Providing Individual Loan catering to both rural and urban areas.These loans can be used for business requirements such as working capital or capital expenditure, among others.Jayant India Nidhi Limited issues it’s Primary /ordinary Equity Share for Public. Anyone can Purchase.

About Scheme

Eligibility: An Individual in his/her own name. Jointly by more than one Individuals.

Minimum Deposit Amount: INR 10,000/-, 25000/-, 50000/-, 1,00,000/- and further in multiples of INR 1,000/-
GST: 18 % on investment Amount (As per Government of India and State Government Rules)
Maturity Value: On Due Date INR 10,000/- shall accumulate into INR 10,000/-
Duration: 3 Years and Above
1.Profit & Loss. (Yes/ No)
2.Fixed return. (Yes/ No)
3. 3 Years @ 10 % compounding interest on Yearly basis. (Example: 10000 @ 10% = 13448)
4. 5 Year @ 12 % compounding interest on Yearly basis. (Example: 10000 @ 12% = 18061 )

Premature Payment

Not Available up to 1 Year.
Interest Rate Applicable on withdrawal after 1 year as per Nidhi Company Terms & Conditions.
Nomination Facility
Loan Facility: Not Available up to 1 Year.

Maximum of 70% of the deposit amount after 1 year.

The interest rate shall be applicable as per Nidhi Company’s Terms & Conditions.

Please check the Terms and Conditions for investors Before Applying

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