Why Invest

Why Invest Jayant India

In today’s setting wherever investments rarely generate expected returns and most of our savings placed with establishments like banks come in paying service charges to them, Jayant India offers a novel chance to lend cash on to pre-verified borrowers and earn further financial gain on idle cash. The Jayant India model provides higher rates of interest than the standard model as a result of it removes the intermediaries and connects the lenders on to the top users – the borrowers. historically, banks and alternative monetary establishments collect cash (through savings accounts or deposits like mounted or recurring) at low-interest rates (say 6-10%) and lend it to borrowers at abundant higher rates (18-36%). This margin goes into paying for the high prices they incur like thousands of workers to pay salaries to and many swank branches to take care of soon. Jayant India brings borrowers and lenders directly in grips with one another, removes intermediator price and permits borrowers to access quicker and cheaper credit and change lenders to create larger returns on funds lying idle in bank deposits.

It is an easy win-win scenario, therefore, move check-in and begin loaning as a result of all ages counts!

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