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About Us | Jayant India Nidhi Ltd.

About us

One of the leading Nidhi companies in India, Jayant India Nidhi Ltd is a notified Nidhi Company by the Government of India, & Registered under the provisions of section 620A of the Companies Act 1956, the Company was incorporated on 3rd April 2017.

Our ambitious team, under the leadership of the founder, Mr. Niranjan Verma, aims to be a world class bank that offers convenient and affordable financial solutions to all, in an inclusive and sustainable manner.

We have the objectives and functioning similar to a bank, but the only difference is that these apply only to the member who have agreed upon to an agreement for mutual benefit. From it's establishment in 2017, the company has grown to become one of the leading Nidhi companies in the country.

The fundamental idea behind our concept and vision is to cultivate a habit of saving amongst our members, who lend and borrow from other members, for their mutual benefits. The deposits and advances are regulate in due accordance with the guidelines laid out by the Reserve Bank of India and the Government of India namely, The Companies Act, 2013; Nidhi Companies Rules, 2014: ; RBI Guidelines on Nidhi Companies.

Our primary objective is to instill and motivate a framework for developing savings and financial habits, thrift and the providing of financial support and assistance to our members by accumulating long and short term deposits i.e Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits, Term Deposits and others and to lend and provision finances, to our members within a secure framework, and to accommodate the reimbursement of the equivalent from the members as permitted by law.

Jayant India is India’s 1st Member-to-Member(M2M) disposition platform to receive a Certificate of Registration (CoR) as associate degree NBFC-M2M from the Rerserve Bank of India (RBI).

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