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Beyond Banking | Jayant India Nidhi Ltd.

Beyond Banking

Education Programme

  • 2States
  • 65+Villages
  • 3500Children
  • 100+Education Volunteers

This programme encourages a diverse age group of underprivileged children to begin and sustain academics in a congenial environment. A unique, low-cost, innovative model has been adopted to ensure that these children receive quality education. Education centres have been set up in rural areas. These aim to reach out to the non-school-going and dropout children with special focus on the girls, from economically constrained families. These free non-formal primary schools, known as Jayant Education Centres, provide complimentary school kits and focus on classroom learning, attendance, and extra-curricular activities. Further, the programme has also set up low-cost formal schools, called Jayant Academy, that provide holistic development for children, which include academics and extracurricular activities.

Rural Financial Literacy Programme

  • 3States
  • 90+Villages
  • 5000+Households
  • 100+Financial Volunteers

This programme is aimed at deepening financial inclusion through financial literacy in rural communities. In the crusade to ensure holistic development of people and communities, financial literacy and inclusion assist them to move from sustenance to a sustainable growth path. Accordingly, this initiative encourages participants to become financially aware and gain financial confidence. The objective is to increase awareness among rural and disadvantaged women about financial matters, empowering them to plan their personal economies. They are also taught to access varied banking services, including insurance and pension schemes.